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Reema Bhagchandani, a seasoned Executive Producer, originally from India and currently based in Los Angeles. With over 15 years of experience in producing successful formats across 50 IPs for leading platforms like Netflix and ViacomCBS, she has produced over 750 hours of content across television, film, and web shows.


Reema has earned several accolades and awards for various projects. In her recent work with Endemol Shine North America,  She brought her talent and experience to renowned shows like Big Brother, Fear Factor, and Wipeout, elevating them even further.


With a love for thorough research and a gift for compelling storytelling, she effortlessly infuses an "extra" touch of creativity into her innovative ideas and original formats.


She has added a new dimension to her skill set by delving into the world of AI artistry, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and machine learning to meticulously craft enthralling storyboards and visually stunning pitch decks for shows.


She is also concurrently pursuing an MBA in Digital Communication and Marketing. This strategic move is poised to catapult her understanding of the ever-evolving global media landscape to unparalleled heights.

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